What You Need To Know About A Career Choices In IT Support

When you begin looking for a position in IT support, you may become discouraged with the vast number of entry level positions that are listed. This is especially true if you have an advanced degree in the field. In order to find the right job for you that matches your experience and education, you'll need to know what your choices are.  Here are a few choices in the IT support field you should consider.

Help Desk and Tier One Manager

The help desk and tier one support positions are the most common because they are entry level. As a manager in this path, you will be dealing with employees that have little to no advanced experience in IT support. Calls will primarily be related to basic issues such as the Internet being unresponsive or not connecting, password retrieval, or virus related issues.

As a manager you will handle escalated calls that do not go to the next tier of support, but need specific upper level consideration. For example, customers who don't understand the current support representative or who have had this issues so often, they are considering cancelling their account.

Networking Support

Networking support deals directly with system networking between businesses, locations, and within a corporation. You may also find positions in networking support with cable and Internet provider companies. As a networking support manager you will handle escalated issues for networking connection problems such as computer not connecting to wireless services or file transfer protocol issues. This may also deal with cloud support if your company is making a hardware to cloud transition.

Support Manager

An IT support manager serves several roles within the IT department. As a support manager you would handle calls to retain customers who are unhappy with services. You may also be the one who makes final decisions on refunds related to support, sending a repair truck or crew, or sending the IT problem to a higher tier. If you are a support manager over several tiers of support then you will also need to decide what issues are handled by the tiers, when those issues need to be escalated, and when to contact a floor manager or yourself if the problems escalate.

These are just three of the main non-entry level positions that are available to you in the IT field. If you are interested in advancing your career further, contact your local job placement service. They can take your resume, review your experience and education, and help you decide on the right option for your career path. You might also consider contacting a local IT support service like Logical Developments Consulting Services for more information.